2018-02-13 Raise Hell and Raise the Dead in Undead Horde by 10tons Available in 2018
2018-01-30 Travel and Kill in Time in Time Recoil Now Available for Playstation Vita
2018-01-26 Fight Eldritch Monsters in a Battle Robot in Tesla vs Lovecraft...
2018-01-19 Help Gabe Carpaccio Take Vengeance in Baseball Riot Available Today for...
2018-01-18 Fight Crime Your Way in JYDGE Now Available for iOS Devices
2018-01-12 Step Aboard a Grand Adventure in Azkend 2: The World Beneath Available...
2018-01-11 Science and Tentacles Clash in Tesla vs Lovecraft Available in Steam on...
2018-01-10 Build the Futurecop of Your Dreams and Nightmares in JYDGE for iOS...
2018-01-04 Puzzle Adventure Azkend 2: The World Beneath Journeys to Nintendo...
2017-12-25 Match Magical Marbles in Sparkle Unleashed Now Available for Nintendo...
2017-12-12 Marble Shooter Sparkle Unleashed Launching for Nintendo Switch™ on...
2017-12-08 Serve Direct Hits in Tennis in the Face Now on Nintendo Switch™
2017-12-01 Tennis in the Face on Nintendo Switch™ Starting December 8th
2017-11-24 Obliterate Epic Monster Hordes in Crimsonland Now Available for Nintendo...
2017-11-17 Arena Shooter Cult Classic Crimsonland to Launch for Nintendo Switch™ on...
2017-11-17 Stop an Alien Starfleet in Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Now Available for...
2017-11-10 Vertically Scrolling Shooter Xenoraid Storms Nintendo Switch™ on...
2017-11-09 Slay Monsters With Letters in Spellspire Now Available for Nintendo...
2017-11-03 Spell Blast and Blast a Spell in Spellspire for Nintendo Switch™ on...
2017-11-02 Neon Chrome Arena DLC Now Available for iOS Devices
2017-10-30 King Oddball Now Swinging Rocks at Things With His Tongue on Nintendo...
2017-10-27 End the World With Boulders in King Oddball for Nintendo Switch™ on...
2017-10-26 Twin Stick Shooter Time Recoil Now Available for Nintendo Switch™
2017-10-23 Time Recoil Brings Slow Motion Gunfights to Nintendo Switch™ on October...
2017-10-19 Build Your Avatar of Justice Today in JYDGE for Nintendo Switch™
2017-10-19 Kill Mr. Time and Free the World in Time Recoil Now Available for iOS...
2017-10-16 Sweep Streets Clear of Crime in JYDGE for Nintendo Switch™ on October 19th
2017-10-12 Take Down the Overseer on Nintendo Switch™ in Neon Chrome Available Today
2017-10-06 Bring Jystice to Edenbyrg Your Way in JYDGE Now Available for Xbox One
2017-10-05 Neon Chrome Brings a Dose of Cyberpunk to Nintendo Switch™ on October 12th
2017-10-04 Cybernetic Crime Fighter JYDGE Launched in Steam for Windows, Mac, and...
2017-10-03 Punish Evildoers in JYDGE Now Available for Playstation 4
2017-09-28 Action Puzzle Game Sparkle 2 Now Available on Nintendo Switch™
2017-09-27 Survival Game Mode DLC Arena Now Available for Neon Chrome on...
2017-09-26 Linux and Mac Versions Now Available for Time Recoil in Steam
2017-09-22 10tons Debuts on Nintendo Switch™ with Sparkle 2 on September 28th
2017-09-15 Futurecop Top-Down Shooter JYDGE Now Available for Preorder for Xbox One
2017-09-15 Time-Bending Twin Stick Shooter Time Recoil Now Available for Xbox One
2017-09-13 Chain Kills for Slow Motion Thrills in Time Recoil Now Out on...
2017-09-06 You Be the Judge in JYDGE for Playstation 4 on October 3rd
2017-08-28 Time Recoil Launching for Xbox One on September 15th with Preorder...
2017-08-10 Kill in Cinematic Slow Motion in Time Recoil Now Available In Steam
2017-06-22 10tons to Publish Games for Nintendo Switch Starting in Q3 2017
2017-06-21 Slow Motion Shooter Time Recoil Launching in Steam on August 10th
2017-05-30 You Be the JYDGE In 10tons’ Upcoming Top-Down Shooter For Steam and...
2017-05-23 Spellspire Now Casting Spells on Steam and Consoles
2017-05-05 Word Game Spellspire is Spelling and Blasting Its Way to Steam and...
2017-04-27 Androids Get a Dose of Neon Chrome as Cyberpunk Shooter Launches in...
2017-04-26 Top-Down Shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft Attacks Steam Greenlight with Mech...
2017-04-20 Time Recoil Smashes Through Steam Greenlight, Alpha Version Now Available
2017-04-10 Neon Chrome Deluxe Edition Now Available in Steam
2017-04-04 Kill to Slow Time as Time Recoil Grabs IndieDB Top-10 Spot and Takes on...
2017-03-15 Kill to Slow Time in Time Recoil for Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One
2017-02-21 Steam Version of Word Game and RPG Mashup Spellspire to Feature Twitch...
2017-02-10 Top Puzzle Game Developers Join Forces for Magnificent Match-3s Bundle...
2017-01-26 Xenoraid Now Protecting the Earth From Alien Raiders on Google Play
2017-01-19 Neon Chrome Arena DLC Now Available in Steam
2017-01-17 Hit Headshots and Homeruns in Baseball Riot Now in Steam
2017-01-12 PC and Console Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Now Available for iOS
2017-01-10 Xenoraid Brings Fresh Starfighting Action to Playstation Vita
2017-01-03 Azkend 2 Now Available on Steam and Free For PS Plus Vita Subscribers
2016-12-13 Protect Earth in Xenoraid for Playstation Vita on January 10th
2016-12-09 You Can Now Tennis in the Face on Xbox One
2016-12-05 Battle Eldritch Horrors in 10tons’ Upcoming Shooter ‘Tesla vs Lovecraft’
2016-12-02 Sparkle Unleashed Now Shooting Marbles and Making Matches in Steam
2016-11-30 Ruthless Top-Down Shooter Neon Chrome Now Available for Playstation Vita
2016-11-29 Tennis in the Face Knocking Out Clowns on Xbox One on December 9th
2016-11-25 Hit Twin Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Launches for Playstation Vita on...
2016-11-17 Explosive Twin Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Now Available for iOS
2016-11-08 Thrilling Space Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Now Available for Playstation 4
2016-11-08 Near Future Space Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Now Available for Xbox One
2016-11-03 Twin Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Now Features Native 4K Support on PS4 Pro
2016-10-27 Novel Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Launches for Xbox One on November 8th
2016-10-26 Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Brings the First Space War to Playstation 4 on...
2016-09-30 The First Space War Starts Today as Vertically Scrolling Shoot’em Up...
2016-09-13 Vertically Scrolling Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Launches in Steam on September...
2016-09-09 Quirky Puzzle Game King Oddball Swings to Xbox One and Steam
2016-08-26 Cult Classic Physics Based Puzzle Game King Oddball Coming to Xbox One...
2016-06-23 Cyberpunk Twin-stick shooter Neon Chrome gets Level Editor and Mod...
2016-06-22 Delightful Word Game and Role Playing Game Mashup Spellspire Now on...
2016-06-08 Dungeon Crawling Twin-Stick Shooter Neon Chrome Now Available for Xbox One
2016-05-31 Crimsonland Creator 10tons Launches Neon Chrome On Playstation 4
2016-05-27 Neon Chrome To Breathe New Life Into Twin-Stick Roguelites on PS4 On May...
2016-05-06 Match-three Puzzle Adventure Azkend 2 Now on Playstation 4, Xbox One and...
2016-04-28 Cyberpunk Top-Down Shooter Neon Chrome Now Available on Steam
2016-04-08 Spellspire Turns Words Into Spellblasts on April 14th on iOS!
2016-02-29 10tons Announces Vertically Scrolling Shoot'em Up Xenoraid
2016-01-27 Hit Action Puzzle Game Sparkle 2 Now Available on Xbox One
2016-01-20 Baseball Riot Now Available for Playstation 4 And Playstation Vita
2016-01-15 Spectacular Marble Shooter Sparkle 2 to Launch for Xbox One on January...
2015-12-09 Baseball Riot Launches on Xbox One, Windows, Apple TV and More
2015-11-25 Baseball Riot to Knock People Out on December 9th
2015-11-18 Tennis in the Face Now Slamming Headshots on Steam
2015-10-14 Gory Top-Down Shooter Crimsonland Now Available on Xbox One
2015-10-01 Crimsonland Brings Gratifying Top-Down Shooting to Xbox One on October...
2015-09-10 10tons Announces Apple TV Plans
2015-08-19 Intense Top-Down Shooter Crimsonland Now in Humble PC & Android Bundle 13
2015-06-09 10tons Announces Neon Chrome – A Top-Down Cyberpunk Shooter
2015-06-05 Charming Matching Puzzle Game 'Puzzles and Pixies' Now on Windows 8 and...
2015-06-03 Sparkle Unleashed Now Available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation...
2015-06-01 Impeccable Marble Shooter Sparkle 2 Available Today on Steam
2015-05-21 Sparkle Unleashed Set for June 3rd Release on Xbox One
2015-05-20 Marble Shooter 'Sparkle Epic' Now a Windows Universal App
2015-03-25 Crimsonland Released on Windows 8 and Windows Phone as Universal App
2015-03-17 Playstation 3 and Vita Gamers Get Tennis in the Face
2015-03-03 Tear Into Swarms of Monster in Crimsonland for Playstation 3
2015-02-04 King Oddball Now Hurling Apocalyptic Boulders on Playstation 3
2015-01-15 Exhilarating Free to Play Marble Shooter 'Sparkle Epic' Launches on iOS
2014-11-27 10tons Debuts on Playstation 3 With Hit Marble Shooter Sparkle 2
2014-11-12 Tennis in the Face Serves Swift Street Justice on Playstation 4
2014-10-14 Lovely Match-Three Game Puzzles and Pixies Now Delights on Google Play
2014-10-09 Engage Massive Hordes in Top-Down Shooter Crimsonland on iOS
2014-09-11 ‘Puzzles and Pixies’ Lavish Matching Magic and Casual Fun on App Store
2014-08-20 Maximum Carnage Goes Mobile as Crimsonland Launches on Playstation Vita
2014-07-15 PSN Runs Red with Blood as Top-Down Shooter Crimsonland Launches on PS4
2014-06-12 Monsters of Top-Down Shooter Crimsonland Swarm on Steam
2014-06-04 Crimsonland Brings Classic Top-Down Shooter Carnage to Steam on June 11th
2014-05-20 Highly Praised Marble Shooter Sparkle 2 Now Available on Playstation 4...
2014-05-06 Hardcore Shooter 'Crimsonland' Remastered for Summer Release on Steam...
2014-04-17 Marble Shooter 'Sparkle Unleashed' Launches on iOS, Android and Windows...
2014-04-02 King Oddball Now Crushing Puny Humans on Playstation 4
2014-03-27 Action Puzzle Sparkle Unleashed to Launch in April for iOS as Try & Buy
2014-01-08 King Oddball Challenges Playstation Vita Gamers to End the World
2013-12-17 Classic Marble Popper Game Sparkle Launches on Playstation Vita
2013-12-04 Miriel's Enchanted Mystery Now Available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone
2013-11-15 Action Adventure Trouserheart Loots $30 000 USD First Prize in Game...
2013-11-07 Trouserheart Sets on a Quest to Find His Pants on Windows Phone Store
2013-11-06 Joining Hands 2 Grabs Best Mobile Service in Finland 2013 Award for...
2013-10-28 Delightful Action Adventure Game Trouserheart Journeys to Google Play
2013-10-21 Time Management Gem Miriel's Enchanted Mystery Now on Android
2013-10-14 Trouserheart Hacks and Slashes His Way to Android on Amazon Appstore
2013-09-26 Action Adventure Game Trouserheart by Dicework Games and 10tons Conquers...
2013-09-05 Charming Puzzle Game Joining Hands 2 Grabs a Hold of Six Additional...
2013-08-29 The Joyful Peablins Embark on a New Puzzle Adventure in Joining Hands 2
2013-08-14 Joining Hands 2 Brings Back the Adorable Peablins in a Joyful Puzzle Game
2013-08-07 10tons Enters the Publishing Realm with Trouserheart by Dicework Games
2013-06-20 Stellar Marble Popper Sparkle 2 Now on Windows Phone 8 and Amazon App...
2013-06-18 Phenomenal Action Puzzle Sparkle 2 Now on Android, Windows and Mac
2013-06-13 Five-Star Action Puzzle Sparkle 2 Now on Five Platforms
2013-06-06 Breathtaking Action Puzzle Sparkle 2 Now on the iTunes App Store
2013-05-16 10tons Announces Sparkle 2
2013-04-29 Tennis in the Face Now Available on Google Play
2013-03-26 Experience Awe and Wonder in Azkend 2: The World Beneath on Windows...
2013-03-21 Tennis in the Face Now Slamming on Windows 8
2013-03-18 Dragon Portals Open on Windows Phone 8
2013-03-14 Pete Pagassi Slams Clowns in the Face on iOS and Flash
2013-03-11 Boom Brigade 2 Takes on Windows Phone 8
2013-03-04 Heroes of Kalevala Enter Windows Phone 8
2013-02-19 BlackBerry 10 Gets Tennis in the Face
2013-02-19 Tennis in the Face Hits Windows Phone 8 in the Store
2013-02-12 Award-winning Marble Shooter 'Sparkle' Now on Windows Phone 8
2013-02-06 Eccentric Skill Puzzle 'King Oddball Ends the World' Now on Windows...
2013-01-29 10tons' Blackberry 10 Lineup Includes Ten Games
2013-01-29 Match-3 Classic Azkend Now on Windows Phone 8
2013-01-24 10tons' Humorous Slapstick Action Game 'Tennis in the Face' Now...
2013-01-22 Joining Hands Now Available on Windows Phone 8
2013-01-03 10tons Grand Slams With Tennis in the Face
2012-12-19 10tons Prepares to Launch a Game Featuring Explodz Energy Drink
2012-11-27 King Oddball Conquers Six More Platforms
2012-11-07 Match-3 Puzzle Heroes of Kalevala Now Available for Android Devices
2012-10-26 10tons' Windows 8 Game Line-up Includes 8 Games
2012-10-10 Puzzle Game Heroes of Kalevala Now Available for Blackberry Playbook
2012-10-08 Classy match-3 puzzle Puzkend in Mac App Store on the 11th of October
2012-09-27 King Oddball Ends The World Starting Today
2012-09-14 10tons Updates Several Titles to support iOS 6 and iPhone 5
2012-08-27 Boom Brigade 2 is an Alien Menace on Google Play
2012-08-23 10tons Launches Joining Hands for Windows 8 on Windows Store
2012-07-18 10tons' Puzkend Teasing Brains on Five More Platforms
2012-07-10 10tons Releases Four Top Games for BlackBerry PlayBook
2012-06-21 Boom Brigade 2 Splatters Alien Guts All Over iOS Devices
2012-06-07 Azkend 2: The World Beneath Now Available for Android
2012-05-30 Free iOS Puzzle Game Puzkend Now Available From 10tons
2012-05-10 10tons Announces Free Puzzle Game Puzkend
2012-04-25 10tons' Vernian Adventure Puzzle Azkend 2 Launches on the Mac App Store
2012-04-23 10tons Releases Boom Brigade 2 Teaser and Information
2012-04-13 Azkend 2 Arrives on New Platforms Including a Lite Version for Android
2012-03-16 Two Retina iPad Games Available Immediately from 10tons
2012-03-14 10tons' Jules Verne Inspired Match-3 Adventure Azkend 2 Now Available...
2012-03-08 10tons Releases Azkend on Google Play With a Reduced Price
2012-03-06 10tons' Azkend 2: The World Beneath Available on March 14th
2012-02-23 10tons Releases Ironworm: A Hard Rocking Action Platformer
2012-02-15 Ironworm announced: 10tons Promises a Hard Rocking Action Platformer
2012-02-07 Sparkle by 10tons Now on Android
2012-02-03 10tons Grand Mac App Store Sale: All Games $1.99 This Weekend
2012-01-12 Win Every 10tons Game on the Mac App Store
2012-01-10 Swingworm by 10tons Now Available on Several Platforms Including Mac OS...
2011-12-19 Joining Hands for Android Now Free from GetJar Gold
2011-12-08 Swingworm by 10tons Introduces an Engaging New Way to Play Platformer...
2011-12-05 Full Version of Grim Joggers for Android Now Available for Free
2011-11-16 Three Games From 10tons Now Available for Kindle Fire
2011-11-10 10tons Announces Swingworm, a Platformer Experience Like No Other
2011-11-01 10tons Releases Miriel Sequel and Profitville HD for HP TouchPad
2011-10-10 10tons Releases Azkend 2 Teaser Trailer
2011-09-20 10tons' Award Winning Sparkle Now Available on Android
2011-09-08 Dragon Portals HD from 10tons now available on iPad and HP TouchPad
2011-08-29 10tons' Sparkle Wins the $250,000 Grand Prize in Nokia's Competition
2011-08-01 Innovative Puzzler Joining Hands Now Available for Nokia and bada
2011-07-06 10tons Reveals its HP TouchPad Gaming Lineup
2011-06-27 Joining Hands Now Available on Android and webOS
2011-06-22 Joining Hands Receives a Big Tentacular Update
2011-06-07 Joining Hands App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Now Available on the...
2011-05-12 Joining Hands: a new original puzzle game from 10tons
2011-05-03 Extreme jogging is free with Grim Joggers Freestyle
2011-04-14 Azkend and Heroes of Kalevala now available on the Ovi Store
2011-03-29 Profitville: a family friendly game for iOS and OS X
2011-03-24 Grim Joggers updated with aliens and teleports
2011-03-10 Sparkle, Heroes of Kalevala and Azkend HD now available on the Mac App...
2011-02-09 Grim Joggers gets a whistling update
2011-01-26 Jogging is the latest bloodsport on iPhone and iPad
2011-01-24 Sparkle now available for N8 and other Symbian^3 smartphones
2011-01-19 Azkend HD now available on the Mac App Store
2010-12-09 Miriel's Enchanted Mystery charms on the iPhone and iPad
2010-12-02 Grim Joggers - join the extreme jogging club
2010-11-25 Sparkle one of the top 10 apps in Palm Hot Apps competition - now...
2010-09-30 Sparkle the Game for iPhone and iPod touch gains Game Center achievements
2010-09-21 Ancient Finnish mythology awakens in a game called Heroes of Kalevala
2010-09-15 10tons Introduces Three Popular Games for Palm Pre
2010-08-23 Miriel the Magical Merchant HD from 10tons now available for iPad
2010-08-11 10tons Ltd announces Miriel the Magical Merchant HD for iPad
2010-07-01 10tons Ltd announces Heroes of Kalevala for iPhone and iPod touch
2010-06-30 10tons Ltd announces Sparkle HD Lite now available
2010-06-24 10tons Midsummer Sale
2010-06-08 Azkend HD Lite for iPad now available for free on the App Store
2010-06-03 Abundante! for iPhone now available on the App Store
2010-05-26 10tons Ltd announces Abundante! for iPhone and iPod touch
2010-04-02 Azkend HD and Sparkle HD Apps for iPad Now Available on App Store
2010-03-11 10tons Ltd Announces Azkend HD for iPad
2010-02-23 10tons launches Sparkle for iPhone™ and iPod touch®
2010-02-04 10tons Ltd Announces Sparkle for iPhone
2010-01-28 Boom Brigade Updated With Leaderboards and Save Games
2009-11-23 10tons Launches Talent Dare: Music on Apple App Store
2009-11-17 10tons Launches Dragon Portals Lite on Apple App Store
2009-11-05 10tons launches Rope Raider for iPhone™ and iPod touch®
2009-10-26 10tons Launches Boom Brigade Update on Apple App Store
2009-09-18 10tons Launches Boom Brigade on Apple App Store
2009-09-02 10tons announces Boom Brigade for iPhone™ and iPod touch®
2009-08-17 10tons Launches Dragon Portals on Apple App Store
2009-05-07 Dragon Portals by MythPeople Released
2009-03-23 Azkend now fits into your pocket!
2009-03-12 10tons launches a major update for Belowscape.
2008-12-03 10tons Releases Xenotracker
2008-11-27 MythPeople Releases Shapium for iPhone and iPod Touch, Announces Plans...
2008-09-04 MythPeople Releases Miriel the Magical Merchant
2007-12-19 MythPeople Releases Azkend
2007-05-09 MythPeople Releases Profitville
2007-02-18 MythPeople Releases Sparkle
2006-10-18 MythPeople Releases Abundante!
2006-01-18 MythPeople Releases Karu
2005-05-17 MythPeople Releases Bubblefish Bob
2004-06-01 MythPeople Releases Ice Breaker
2003-04-22 10tons Releases Crimsonland