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End the world in a unique skill based physics puzzle! King Oddball swings a boulder back and forth by its tongue. Release the boulder by tapping the screen. Time the release accurately to crush as many targets as possible with each boulder.

Extra boulders are awarded when crushing three or more targets with a single boulder. Anticipate how boulders roll and bounce. Use explosive crates to wreak havoc on the puny humans. Take advantage of collapsing structures too!

Conquer the world by defeating the humans in more than 120 fun and increasingly challenging levels!

  • Single tap gameplay. How hard can it be?
  • Unique skill based physics puzzle
  • More than 120 levels + secrets!
  • Eccentric art style
  • Original music by Jonathan Geer



Tongue lashing

"King Oddball is certainly an entertaining experience, and its bite-sized levels are perfect for snatching a quick game on the go"
Pocket Gamer

The art of bouncing rocks

"King Oddball is a nearly perfect gameplay experience, with just the right level of strange to remain memorable. I would call it the new Angry Birds, but itís more than that: itís the new King Oddball."

Exudes fun in every way

"Simple to look at, a simple purpose and simple one touch controls ensures that King Oddball is simply great fun. "

KISS would be jealous

"If physics games are your thing thereís no doubt youíll want to try this, but if youíre one of those who just hasnít gotten into the Angry Birds and clone phenomenon, I think youíll enjoy King Oddball too."