10tons Ltd. was founded in 2003. The debut release was Crimsonland which became a cult hit. In 2003 the casual games market was emerging and 10tons started a brand called MythPeople to produce casual games.

Several casual game titles were developed after starting the MythPeople brand. These include Ice Breaker (2004), Bubblefish Bob (2005), Karu (2006), and Abundante! (2006).

At the beginning of 2007 the company founded offices at the heart of Tampere. Three new games were created during the year 2007: Sparkle, Profitville, and Azkend. Also, Mac OS X support started with Azkend.

In 2008 more people were hired and Miriel the Magical Merchant was released. 10tons also moved into a larger office to accommodate the growing team. Towards the end of year 2008 10tons entered the mobile market with two iPhone games: Shapium and Xenotracker. In year 2009 Azkend was ported to iPhone. Also, Dragon Portals and a small shooter called Belowscape were released.

In 2010 10tons created Heroes of Kalevala which was followed by Grim Joggers at the beginning of 2011. 10tons' platform portfolio also expanded with Symbian^3, bada, and webOS.

During 2011 10tons released Joining Hands and Swingworm and started supporting Android.

In 2012 10tons released Azkend 2, Ironworm, Puzkend, and Boom Brigade 2. Additionally 10tons started supporting RIM PlayBook (later Blackberry 10) and Windows Phone. During the spring of 2012 10tons also moved to a bigger office.

After conquering all feasible mobile platforms, 10tons started to move its mass towards the consoles. The company launched its popular marble popper Sparkle for PS Vita in 2013, and was one of the first companies to launch downloadable games for PS4 in 2014 with King Oddball, Sparkle 2, Tennis in the Face, Crimsonland, and Sparkle Unleashed. Games for Xbox One were soon to follow in 2015.

Present & Future

10tons Ltd. aims to grow and bring more fun into the world. Finding new ways to create even better games is a challenge 10tons faces with great excitement.

In a Nutshell

  • Founded in 2003
  • Privately held
  • Company form: Limited Liability Company
  • Based in Tampere, Finland

Board Members

Tero Alatalo (President, CEO)
Sampo Töyssy (Vice CEO)
email: firstname.lastname (at)


Contact info

Hämeenkatu 5 B (6th floor), 33100 Tampere, Finland